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The winemaker origins of the Michel Arnould family date back to the late nineteenth century. At that time, the ancestors Lefevre operated the vineyards located on the Grand Cru terroir Verzenay.

After the decrease of the grape’s price in 1929 and the revolt that resulted, Henri Lefevre decided to make his Champagne by himself. His first bottles have been commercialized during the early 30’s.

His son André has significantly increased the production of Champagne after investing in a winery and a wine press.

At the beginning of the 60’s, the marriage between his granddaughter Françoise and Michel Arnould marked the creation of the Champagne “Michel Arnould”. This Champagne takes a new dimension through its development abroad, especially in England.

Today, his son Patrick and his son in law Thierry perpetuate the family tradition. They affirm their identity and create even more authentic wines.

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