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The orgin of the domain is seeded in a certain legacy. It was Athanase de Villermont who distinguished himself during the American Revolutionary War. It was then that he had discovered the great potential of Champagne.

After his meeting with Joseph Bollinger and Paul Renaudin who were pure Champagne enthusiasts, were fascinated by the world of wine, it was then that the company Renaudin-Bollinger & Cie was born. Athanase had just founded a House which would last through the centuries.

The Bollinger vineyard is today 164 hectares, mostly composed of Grand and Premier Crus.

Pinot Black is the flagship grape of Bollinger style. The continuity of this style is provided by an exceptional collection of over 600,000 magnum reserves which enables him to complete their assemblies.

The traditional techniques have been preserved, which is a proof of their quality: shaking the bottles by hand, cork the magnums and reserve the vintage wines, cooper at home. . .

The best wines even have a fermentation process in oak barrels thanks to the 3000 small old barrels.

The house puts its wines through an aging process more than twice the normal of that of the appellation.

This very elegant Champagne won the British Crown, who, since 1884, attributes to the House the prestigious Royal Warrant, which is the mark of the official suppliers of the Court.

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